Our Team


Rob Immelman

Service Architect

“My mission was to find a practical and inexpensive way to help everyday people and their families to try and combat the risks associated with increasing personal violence and sexual crime. I also wanted the solution to encompass and make use of the most reliable and committed people in our lives, our family and closest friends. My answer was Howler Monkey, a service and lifestyle that provides that sought-after essential peace of mind for EVERYONE in our society.”

Cayleigh Immelman

Head of Operations

“I, unfortunately, acknowledge the need for such a service but am overwhelmed with pride and excitement that I am actively involved in making our world a safer place to live in. No amount of words can do justice the service that Howler Monkey offers, but essential peace of mind comes pretty close. We are making a difference one download at a time, and the world is better for it.”

Andre Kohler

Head of Marketing Content

“I joined the HM team because I have an opportunity to educate the world in that the time of being a victim is over, and we now have a say in our own safety! Howler Monkey is a part of who I am; I can affect positive change in everyone around me, and be proud that I am part of an era that is making an influential stand against crime in our society. I can now gladly say I live for a cause that is greater than my own.”

John Smith

Head Developer

“ The slogan “Making the world a better place,” is one used frequently in the IT industry. I am privileged to say that by using modern technology I, along with the Howler Monkey team, are doing just that. We have not only created something that may save someone’s life but something that is even changing how we live our lives on a day-to-day basis. We are essentially eliminating the “what if” factor.”
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