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Howler Monkey is available for as little as R39,00 per person per month
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Howler Monkey is a phone application that was created to tackle the unfortunate safety issues we face every day in our society. It’s main benefit, the Personal Emergency Network Facility is unlike any other service out there due to its reliance on YOUR personal relationships (Guardians).

It was built on the basis of human nature; encompassing compassion, love and concern for each other’s well-being. The service gives you Essential Peace of Mind for you and your loved ones.

The other two benefits offer services that we often take for granted, but in our society are never a bad idea to have. They are offered to you for no extra charge and provide a heightened sense of Essential Peace of Mind.

All three services are beneficial to all ages, from all walks of life, and can play a significant role in your life even if they are not used.

We see a world where the population not only feels safer, but IS safer because of the relationships they have.

We make you the priority, the only priority, and that’s the Howler Monkey difference. Howler Monkey is not merely a service.

It is a lifestyle.

Meet our team

The masterminds behind Howler Monkey

Rob Immelman

Service Architect

Cayleigh Immelman

Head of Operations

Andre Kohler

Head of Marketing Content

John Smith

Head Developer

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