Our Philosophy

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The concept of Howler Monkey was built on the basis of human nature; encompassing compassion, love and concern for each other’s well-being.

Our service was designed to tackle the unfortunate increased crime rates of today’s society by using your personal relationships to give you Essential Peace of Mind; and when it comes down to it, be there for you in your time of need.

Howler Monkey’s main service, as well as the additional benefits, are beneficial to all ages, from all walks of life.

  • “Finally… an app that allows me to play an active role in the safety of my family and friends. Brilliant.”  
    Leigh Paulsen
  • “It’s hands down the most brilliant app out there.”
    Michelle Cremer
  • "It really does offer me peace of mind knowing that I have a say in my loved one's safety. It’s not a service to me, it’s my way of life."
    Andre Kohler
    (Marketing/User): Howler Monkey
  • “To be part of facilitating essential peace of mind for anyone is a true privilege and blessing, unlike any I have ever experienced or known.”
    Rob Immelman
    (Creator/User) : Howler Monkey
  • “You just need it to be there for you once, and you’ll have no doubts.”
    Cayleigh Immelman
    (Administrator/User) Howler Monkey
  • “Without Howler Monkey, I’d be gambling my safety.. and that would be gambling my life.”
    John Smith
    (Developer/User): Howler Monkey
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Our vision is not based on yearly figures or quarterly ratios, but the very real evaluation of how many lives we positively affect.

We see the world where the population not only feels safer, but IS safer because of the relationships they have.

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Howler Monkey can play a significant role in your life, even if the three benefits are not used. Our array of fundamental benefits provides Essential Peace of Mind for you and your loved ones. We make you the priority, the only priority, and that’s the Howler Monkey difference.

Howler Monkey is not merely a service. It is a lifestyle.


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