Personal Emergency Network Facility

How it works

In the event of an emergency, pushing the activation button on your Android or Apple smartphone will cause it to send a text to your eight (8) personal emergency network contacts (Guardians). Your smartphone will then go into "black-out" mode whilst active.

The tracking facility will update the Smartphone's exact position every 60 seconds.

The text will contain the following information:

  • Member's name
  • Time of emergency
  • Member's personal emergency network contact list with names, contact numbers and relationships
  • Links to Geo-map and exact GPS location of smart phone and tracking facility
Additionally, activating the alert will cause your phone to record an approximate 4.5 second long video via your phone camera, as well separately record audio for approximately 11 seconds. The text your Guardians receive will automatically update to include these features after roughly 30 seconds, where they will be downloaded onto the Guardians’ phones. Member has to de-activate tracker facility (Once deactivated, member needs to clear their cache, and will have to login again to access the activation button).
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Service Providers

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The benefits

Your personal emergency network is beneficial because your Guardians can immediately respond once they have received the text alert. There is no time delay in calling one person, who for any number of reasons may not be able to answer. There is also no time delay in trying to explain your situation or whereabouts. In addition, being unable to talk or not make noise for any reason does not prevent you from using your Personal Emergency Network Facility. Additionally, the audio and video features allow you to capture your surroundings without having to make a noise, unless of course you do have the opportunity to say one or two words to explain your situation. These features therefore work for both types of situations.

Your Guardians are people with close relationships with you. Howler Monkey gives them the opportunity to share their information amongst each other, as well as the real time information and onward tracking of your phone. This is the critical difference with Howler Monkey – sharing real time, you-specific information with people who will make you the ONLY priority.
Lastly, and most importantly - Your Howler Monkey is as close to you as you keep your mobile phone! .

(Smart phone and network dependent. Airtime and data dependent.)

Works anywhere in the world.

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