1Why would I choose Howler Monkey over other competitors?
Howler Monkey not only provides you with a service that utilizes your close, personal relationships for the benefit of increased personal safety but provides you with around the clock medical advice in emergency situations and preventative treatment against HIV/STD infection if you are exposed to someone else’s bodily fluids. Howler Monkey is specific to the services provided and we, therefore, put all our time and energy in securing our product’s benefits are best suited to your needs. Our benefits work anywhere within South Africa and are not limited to home activation. Our emergency network facility benefit can be activated countrywide and internationally (specific to certain countries). You as a member in South Africa can have emergency contacts in another country if you want, and vice versa. Howler Monkey is not merely a service, it’s a lifestyle.
2Can I pay for someone else, for example my elderly parents or my domestic worker?
Yes, of course. The service is linked to the individual member’s phone number, but can be linked to your bank account.
3How do I know who to choose as my 8 contacts?
You should choose your 8 contacts based on those close relationships who are near you on a day-to-day basis, able to respond and will make you their one and only priority. By selecting your contacts from family, friends, work colleagues and neighbours, you have a cross section of people who should not only know your basic whereabouts but will be able to and WANT to respond to your emergency in a short space of time. The SMS your contacts receive when you activate your alert will contain your other contacts’ names, contact numbers and your relationships to them. The point is for your contacts to communicate with the one who is most likely to know your whereabouts at the time or the person who is closest to your location at the time the alert is activated.
4What does third party dependent mean?
Howler Monkey works in conjunction with other service providers, for instance; Yandex Maps. If any of our service providers are down, related functions of the Howler Monkey app may be affected. We assure you however that the recovery time will be minimalistic.
5What phones does the app work on?
Currently, Howler Monkey works with all Android and Apple smartphones.
6Does the tracking facility tell my exact location?
The map will track your location every 60 seconds. If you click on a place marker (on-screen), a pop up block will appear showing the speed the “phone” is travelling, the distance from original marker (where the alert was activated) in miles, the time and date, the name of the member and the accuracy in feet – all will continue until deactivated.
7What do I do if I forget my password?
On the login page, there is a “forgot my password” link. Pressing this link and following the instructions thereafter will result in a new password and consequently full access to your same Howler Monkey application.
8How do I pay for it?
Howler Monkeys costs R39pm (incl. VAT), which is an automatic payment from your bank account. Once your details are in the system, which is done upon registration, the money will be debited every month on the subscription date of your choice. Please note that there is an immediate initial payment of R39.00 (incl. VAT) upon registration to activate the emergency alert benefit - See “terms and conditions of the subscription authorization form” on the HOME page of this website.
9Do my contacts need data and airtime to access the link in the SMS that they receive?
Yes, they do, standard rates apply.
10Does it keep tracking if my phone dies?
No, it does not. The tracking system depends on available battery, airtime and data.
11How do I change my contacts?
You can change your contacts by clicking the "log in" tab on this website, and then click on the “emergency contacts” link. See the “How to Install Howler Monkey” links on this website for more specific instructions.
12How do my contacts know they are one of my contacts?
You as the member need to communicate to your contacts their roles and responsibilities with regards to how your Howler Monkey works. We advise that you make a WhatsApp group to inform your contacts about any false alarms or tests that may take place. Your contacts will also receive a confirmation SMS once you have registered them as a contact
13If my membership is cancelled, but I want to start using the service again, can I use my old login details?
Yes, you can. Log onto the Howler Monkey application using your old user name and password and follow the instructions. If you have deleted the Howler Monkey application from your smart phone, please download the Howler Monkey application from your respective app store again, and then log in like instructed above.
14What are the subscription dates?
If you as the member pay using a credit card, you will be given the choice between more than one subscription date - the 1st, 15th or the 25th of each month. Your immediate payment will reflect by midnight that same day. If you as the member pay using a debit card, you will only have one option - a fixed date, where your subscription will be processed. Your immediate payment will go off your bank account straight away.
15Why do we have to pay an initial payment as well as a monthly premium?
This is for immediate activation of the emergency network facility and the other two benefits within 72 hours. Alternatively, you can wait to sign up on your choice of strike date if you are using a credit card
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